The wild ride of life

I have been watching Beverly HIlls 90210 and I have thinking OMG what a soap opera drama with all the this happens then this happens….but it got me thinking….my own life is something of a soap opera….

First I was abused as a child, then my parents divorced when I was 12, my mother ended up in a relationship with another woman, I moved out at 17, was raped, thought I could be HIV positiive. I married young, had a baby, was diagnosed with a mental illness. I divorced, was in an abusive relationship. Want a soap opera? Just look at my life. Maybe this is part of the reason why I can cousell so effectively cause just about everything that gets thrown at me I can identify with….

Not a sob story, just  a chronicle really….I really am very lucky to be where I am today, a strong woman who has survived alot.


~ by beeque on February 9, 2013.

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